You plan for all major life events – whether to protect your family or for your own peace of mind. Preplanning your funeral is no different. 

A Gift of Love

When the times comes, the last thing your family needs to worry about is planning the details of your funeral service. Planning ahead of time allows them to focus on their healing and prevents them from the dangers of emotional overspending. When your family comes to us, we’ll handle all the details for them.

Peace of Mind

Depending on your faith or cultural traditions, your personal preferences, and your budget, you might have a very specific idea of how you would like your farewell to unfold. By putting everything into writing, there will be no doubt what you wanted. And since we’re a “Life Celebration Home,” we can offer you nearly endless options.

Financial Security

While you can simply put your wishes on record with us, you also have the option of prepaying for your services. This protects against the rise of funeral prices in the future and lifts the financial burden from your family’s shoulders.

Reach out today to our preneed counselor and begin putting your plans into place.

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